Every time a change in custody happens — for example, a container going from an ocean vessel to a dray carrier, or vice-versa — specific information must be collected and verified.

If everything checks out, the assets can pass through checkpoints. The steps in this process have traditionally been time consuming and prone to error by requiring paperwork and manual inspections of containers, chassis and trailers.

Automated gate systems (AGS), coined by NASCENT are now being used at many ports, rail yards and even private shipping and receiving locations to modernize supply chains so assets can move in a secure and highly efficient manner through checkpoints.

Some AGS have software that can be integrated with a variety of cameras, sensors and connected technologies to roll out an end-to-end tracking, monitoring and verification platform that enables a highly secure and automated exchange.

The efficiency and visibility from using AGS have far-reaching benefits. Those benefits start with getting drivers into and out of ports and inland yards quickly. This helps ocean shipping companies, dray carriers, railroads and other transportation and logistics providers handle more shipments and deliver better service to their customers.

Ultimately, those who benefit most from the technology are end consumers by getting products faster to store shelves and doorsteps without unnecessary delays and complications.

Besides increasing speed and visibility of freight flows at ports and inland facilities, AGS can automate inventory counts. Having real-time visibility of inventory is essential for ports and transportation providers to reduce time and errors associated with manual yard checks.

AGS technology can also connect global trading partners to share real-time visibility of containers that are leaving ports and coming to others. With global visibility, transportation providers can proactively update shipping information to ensure they have all credentials up to date before they enter and exit ports.

Scan and go freight flows

The most efficient method for drivers to interact with AGS checkpoints is with a mobile app. As one of the largest companies that manufacturers AGS hardware and software, NASCENT has a time-saving app that drivers can use to quickly pass through gates called readyAGS®

Drivers simply login to the app from a mobile device and point a QR code at kiosks stationed at entry and exit checkpoints for touchless access.

The mobile app from NASCENT offers a major gain in efficiency compared to most gate solutions that require drivers to manually input data. As soon as the QR code is scanned the gate opens.

Besides requiring no input from drivers, the system can expedite workflows. Custom workflows can be created by port authorities for dray carriers, for example, to prompt drivers to get receipt tickets when they are making pickups and drop-offs. Some ports may also add a workflow that requires the driver to scan a TWIC card.

The QR code links to an online database that contains up-to-date information about the carrier, driver and shipment. This instant verification eliminates the need for drivers to answer questions, such as having to manually enter their license plate or shipment number.

Using the NASCENT mobile app creates a simple process flow that accelerates gate transactions to free drivers from paperwork and manual data input. The technology alleviates job stress and frustration for drivers, and on a larger scale it can help ports and shippers with inland facilities modernize the global supply chain.

If you want to make an immediate difference by automating the flow of containers and trailers through your facilities, contact NASCENT today to learn more about readyAGS®.