Lynda Parillo | Chief Operating Officer

Lynda Parillo

General Manager

Lynda Parillo has extensive experience managing NASCENT system deployments, aligning customer requirements with NASCENT deliveries to ensure flawless execution. Prior to working at NASCENT, Lynda was the IT Director for Quality Assurance at CSX World Terminals. With over two decades of experience, Lynda has gathered extensive knowledge of Terminal Operations, growing a specialty in leveraging automation to improve business processes. She has also been responsible for project scheduling, project coordination, system installation, system testing, system deployment and commissioning within NASCENT. Lynda holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and a Minor in Business Administration.

Chris Brickley | Vice President Development

Chris Brickley

Vice President, Development

Chris Brickley has led the development of several Transportation ERP systems and custom development projects over his 20-year career. Prior to joining NASCENT, Chris oversaw development, DevOps, product and project management groups building a connected cloud-based platform. Chris has also spent the last 2+ years volunteering with the Microsoft TEALS Program helping to bring computer science skills to high school students. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

J. Deane Stuart

Vice President, Sales

Deane Stuart has over 30 years of experience in the intermodal/logistics Industry. He previously managed sales in the Americas for Navis, gaining first-hand knowledge and visibility into the operations of nearly every major container terminal in the region. He earned region of the year awards multiple times during his time at Navis, as well. More recently, he has spent eight years providing IT managed services and data analytics solutions to marine container terminals at Versiant, pioneering the company’s l data analytics reports and dashboards for their terminal customers and introducing its Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) while at Versiant. Deane holds a Business Administration degree.

Robert Paluch

Vice President, Technical Operations

Robert Paluch has been providing enterprise technology systems to the transportation industry for the past 38+ years. His career spans multiple industries, including intermodal, trucking, warehousing, and rail. Robert owned and operated a technology consulting firm that provided solutions to multiple companies across various industry platforms. Prior to NASCENT, Robert designed and implemented turnkey intermodal technology systems and established enterprise level support and services teams to manage those systems.