Long lines of traffic with interminable waiting times are a serious problem for ports and terminals. NASCENT can eliminate these issues with our integrated automated gate system that moves traffic into and through your terminal swiftly and efficiently, without sacrificing safety and security.


NASCENT’s hardware and software packages manage access point information to improve the flow of vehicles and assure safe management at the gates. Customers see quicker vehicle entry and exit operations that are more fluid, structured and organized, with faster processing times, less waiting and fewer unnecessary stops.

NASCENT’s G6 kiosk receives & transmits driver & container information in real-time helping to improve communication & ultimately reduce operational costs.
NASCENT’s customizable port & terminal solutions fully automate the exchange of information between driver & terminal operator in real time.


The check-in process is fully automated, exchanging information between the driver and the terminal operator in real time. Every gate and kiosk is created to achieve safer, smoother vehicle flows and significantly reduce lines.


Driver information is inputted at the kiosk and relayed instantly to the Terminal Operations Center computers at your facility. An integrated software system receives this information in real time and automatically processes it with terminal operator oversight. Everything is recorded, stored and organized in your software system – there is no paperwork to shuffle through, organize, or lose.

NASCENT’s customized solutions capture, record & store vital information in real-time eliminating the need for managing & maintaining reams of paperwork.
NASCENT’s enVision portal utilizes open communications protocol coupled with the latest technologies to deliver flexibility & endless integration possibilities.


Our security checkpoint is fully automated. Scans, video, photos, and 3-D imaging of the vehicles and containers are performed as the vehicles pass through our open-air security portals at speeds up to 25 mph. The vehicle is essentially swept along to its assigned container port while you don’t have to worry about keeping your facility safe and secure.


NASCENT SYNAPSE™ AGS delivers world-class performance with less interaction necessary for terminal staff. This means quicker processing times, no bungled communications, and smoother sailing for the drivers and your terminal operations.

SYNAPSE™ AGS with ALL the commercially available Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) as well as with several proprietary systems.
NASCENT’s LivePoint kiosks & callboxes include Noise Cancellation technology that reduces unwanted background noise to deliver crisp audio, free from distraction.


The NASCENT automated gate system traces all driver operations in real time for better and faster incident management by staff or via the TOS. Quicker, more reliable incident reporting means quicker resolution.


With multiple interfaces for incoming and outgoing information, our G6 kiosk receives driver information and communication is received from the driver in real time direct from the TOS or other software applications, without the need for time-consuming intermediary functions.

NASCENT Technology designs & develops custom hardware & software applications catered to the needs of your ports, terminals & rail yards

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