To provide innovative solutions for mission-critical operations at our nation’s ports, rail yards, and distribution centers, by leveraging our experience, passion and innovative technology.


What drives us? What keeps us innovating? What keeps us thinking outside the box and to sometimes even redesign the box? It’s simple really. It’s because the supply chain is continually evolving and you need to meet those new demands.

Our people, motivated by untapped possibilities and impassioned by technology, are dedicated to providing intelligent, value-driven solutions for our clients. Our strong commitment to continuous improvement, and our belief that better is always possible, leads us in our tireless mission to deliver tomorrow’s technology today.


We help terminals, ports and distribution centers improve their operations, customer service, and increase their ROI by developing and installing hardware and software solutions that:

  • Significantly speed up the through-put process
  • Reduce or eliminate lines
  • Mitigate risk
  • Improve safety and security for your terminal, your personnel, and your customers
  • Consolidate and centralize your gate operations
  • Integrate your systems internally and externally
  • Save you money by automating processes
  • Keep your customers happy

We ’ve been successfully delivering automated gate systems and related terminal automation solutions for over 25 years.