Nascent’s new ReadyGate light gate solution is driving automation and cost savings for US1 Logistics terminal outside Philadelphia, Pa.

ReadyGate is a ‘light AGS’ from Nascent that is full-featured, remotely managed, and highly cost-effective for smaller, typically leased sites. The US1 project included:

  • Fully automated gate control to identify and process trucks and equipment within seconds
  • Relocation of two security guards working the lanes (ReadyGate software enables remote exception management for 24/7 operations)
  • Elimination of manual data errors from the gate process
  • Limited site prep and physical infrastructure, with no trenching or permitting required
  • Integration into the existing TOS ensuring all moves are validated automatically and billing begins immediately

When customers arrive the 1in/1out facility, they pass through an in-lane OCR portal where all equipment is imaged and identified in seconds. They proceed forward and scan a QR booking code or enter an access code at the kiosk. After validation with the host system, a barrier gate raises and the driver proceeds into the facility with all records updated instantly so inventory and billing information are available in real time.


As for exceptions, they are routed to a remote guard who can talk to the driver and see all the images the system has collected, so the flow of traffic remains quick and efficient, and congestion is much less than it was under the manual system.

With ReadyGate, leased and growing facilities can automate and secure their truck gates just as the bigger players do. The system is available using flexible purchase and leasing options sidestepping the need for any upfront capital expenditures. And for those operating multiple locations, ReadyGate allows you to operate all facilities remotely. This is made possible through integration with SYNAPSE, Nascent’s remote exception control software.