NASCENT has always been an innovator.

Since ushering automation into gate systems in 1996, we have been early adopters and, in some cases, the sole integrators and developers of many leading-edge technologies and concepts.  We work tirelessly to leverage such technology within gate automation.

Through NASCENT technology’s commitment to our customers, we offer 24/7 tech support, IT staff, hardware & software support by phone or online.
  • FIRST: to design and deploy a remotely-operated intermodal gate
  • FIRST: to utilize voice and video over IP in a gate deployment
  • FIRST: to have more than fifty sites
  • FIRST: to have more than 1,000 lane kiosks installed
  • FIRST: to implement paperless gate transactions (w/electronic receipts)
  • FIRST: to develop and deploy a Tire Inspection Portal (TIP)
  • FIRST: to develop and deploy sophisticated exit control solutions
  • FIRST: to develop and deploy in/out gate portal with single direction traffic flow
  • FIRST: to deploy an automated gate system in six North American U.S. Class 1 Railroads
  • FIRST: to develop and launch a multi-company, multi-site, driver-focused mobile application to “virtualize” the gate experience (readyAGS™)

Every day, we strive to conceptualize and develop new and useful technologies for the rapidly changing transportation landscape.

Why? So that you can be FIRST in your business.