When it comes to automated gate systems, kiosks, and the software to run your system, NASCENT has a configuration for every application. We realize that every terminal has its unique set of issues. That’s why our software and hardware architecture team works with you to develop the ideal solution for your company’s needs. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Together, our Synapse™ AGS, G6 Kiosks, and enVision gate management software create a fully coordinated and effective gate system that is unparalleled in the supply chain industry. Each is superb in its own right. Together, they form an unbeatable gate system combination. Our job is to configure these elements so that your terminal has the safest, most secure, and most efficient gate system possible for your particular needs.


Configure your automated gates however you desire. SYNAPSE™ AGS can integrate with all of the major commercially-available Terminal Operating Systems, as well as with several proprietary systems. In addition, it is compatible with a wide variety of commonly-used in-lane devices and peripherals. SYNAPSE AGS utilizes Web Services, Web Forms, API’s, and other methods to integrate with:

  • Terminal operating systems
  • Appointment systems
  • Yard management systems
  • Warehouse management systems
  • Transportation management systems


When it comes to outdoor kiosks and callboxes, NASCENT has a configuration for every application. Our industry standard G6 and smaller LivePoint Kiosks are NASCENT’s revolutionary answer to the need for structures featuring flexible configuration and size options. NASCENT has a long-standing tradition of meticulously designing and building durable, task-specific equipment for use under rough conditions and in a variety of harsh environments.

enVision® SOFTWARE

Our enVision® software offers a wide range of configurable driver interfaces for managing facility entry and exit. This includes work orders, communication between the driver and terminal staff, document printing and other functions involved in the admission and exit process for your terminal. enVision®’s modular architecture offers unprecedented integration options like Tire Inspection, RFID, Weigh-in-Motion scales and more. It allows you to inspect and admit all container and trailer types and any combinations. Choose what you need…and only what you need. We can always add or subtract functions on an as-need basis.

Interested in a fully configurable gate access system? Contact NASCENT for more information.