NASCENT enVision®

Capture, Process, and Report Key Data with Crisp, Clear Images

At NASCENT, we believe a gate system solution should do more than just increase efficiency.

The perfect gate solution should move vehicles through the entire container process more quickly and easily, with no frustrating waiting lines. It should also strive to advance the safety and security of your employees, your customers, all the vehicles entering the terminal, and all the property on the premises.

NASCENT’s enVision® technology does just that… using high-performance OCR with advanced image analytics.

The enVision® Portal

For container terminals and distribution centers seeking an advanced, automated data entry solution, NASCENT proudly offers the enVision® Portal. The open-air, free standing structure utilizes an array of specialized detection and imaging technologies to automatically capture and process container, chassis, and trailer data in real time and report it instantly to terminal operations. The enVision® Portal is a welcome addition to any advanced automated gate system and will provide a competitive advantage to terminals wishing to increase traffic efficiency and reduce processing times.

High-Resolution Imaging

enVision®’s leading-edge imaging technology delivers clear, crisp images for real-time damage inspection or reconciliation.

High-Performance OCR

enVision’s state-of-the-art OCR engine quickly and accurately captures container, chassis, and trailer markings.

Tire Inspection and more

enVision’s modular architecture offers unprecedented integration options like Tire Inspection, RFID, Weigh-in-Motion scales and more.

Increase Traffic Efficiency, Reduce Processing Times

Effortlessly handling non-stop vehicle traffic at up to 25 miles-per-hour, enVision performs all the necessary security and safety checks while the vehicles are moving forward.

Precision Accuracy, Unparalleled Speed

Stand-alone or integrated, enVision’s intuitive web-based interface offers the ability to search for transactions, review full-size images, export transactional data, and more. enVision’s unparalleled processing speed and high OCR accuracy rates results in significantly fewer operator interventions. It’s one of the smartest and ROI-friendly decisions you can make to improve your gate.

Capturing Key Data

Camera placement is fully-configurable and can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Fully-equipped, the enVision® Portal delivers clean, well-illuminated images of the top, sides, front, and back of each passing conveyance. enVision’s powerful industry-optimized OCR engine automatically reads and records container numbers, trailer numbers, chassis numbers, ISO codes, license plate numbers, and IMO label marking information.


Utilizing a modern technology stack and open communication protocols, enVision® offers a high level of flexibility and endless integration possibilities.


Captured data can be seamlessly exchanged with virtually any gate operating system or other third-party systems in real time.

enVision® the Possibilities

  • Handles non-stop vehicle traffic at up to 25 MPH
  • Highest OCR Read Rates in the industry
  • Supports all container types, trailer types, and combinations
  • Automatically identifies load types and door direction
  • Optional License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • Hazardous Placard Detection
  • Generates extraordinarily crisp, high-resolution images
  • Offers color as well as grey-scale imaging
  • Offers optional overlay of date, time, and location information on images
  • Energy-efficient LED illumination
  • Optionally integrates with major brands of RFID
  • Integrates with NASCENT’s SYNAPSE™ AGS as well as 3rd-party Systems
  • Built-in web-based application for monitoring, management, and configuration
  • Seal Presence Detection

Modular by Design

enVision® is completely configurable so you only pay for what you need. Modules are available for Tire Inspection, LPR (license plate recognition), RFID, and more.

If your company needs to capture, process, and report key data with crisp, clear images, contact NASCENT for more information.