NASCENT offers a variety of options for customers to deploy our hardware and software solutions.

NASCENT Technology | Integrates with traditional port & terminal systems

Traditional purchase

Purchase hardware and software up-front as a capital expenditure. This option provides you with a perpetual software license along with on-going maintenance and support.

NASCENT Technology | Provides an integrated hybrid solution with traditional port & terminal systems

Hybrid purchase

Also known as CapEx hardware and subscription software, this option provides for the capitalization of the hardware and then a monthly subscription for the software. The subscription includes all lane and portal hardware and servers to run the software.

NASCENT Technology | Provides an HaaS option for port & terminal systems

Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)

This option allows you to lease our lane and portal hardware. You can either host our servers and software at your site or use a third-party cloud service. You pay a monthly or annual subscription and record the cost in your books as an operating expense (OpEx) rather than a capital expenditure (CapEx).

You also receive these benefits:

  1. Cost Savings. You receive the latest hardware and software upgrades while maximizing tax advantages and freeing up capital.
  2. Proactive Service. We provide the most robust, up-to-date hardware and around-the-clock IT support.
  3. Business Continuity. Gain instant access to data recovery and system upgrades. We also provide a sustainable IT infrastructure to operate without service disruptions.
  4. Scalability. You can add hardware as needed to keep up with the demands at your ports, terminals and distribution centers.
NASCENT Technology | Provides an SaaS option for port & terminal systems

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Subscribe to a monthly or annual contract based on your unique needs instead of paying upfront for a license. We can host and maintain software on our servers or one of your choosing. We can also provide our servers and software if you choose to host locally.

Purchase our lane hardware and equipment as a capital expense and receive on-going maintenance and support or choose the HaaS option.

Advantages of the SaaS option include:

  1. Eliminate Costs. Reduces your upfront IT expenses by eliminating installation, maintenance, and traditional upfront licensing management costs.
  2. Scalable and Compatible. Software updates are made quickly to meet your needs.
  3. Data Storage and Recovery. Your data is routinely saved and immediately available to prevent business disruption.

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