The security of your port and terminals is critical to keeping the supply chain moving swiftly and safely throughout the U.S. and the world. Just one incident has the potential to cut the chain and cause serious damage to your facility, your employees, and your clients. NASCENT is a pioneer in the development and installation of security system packages that combine the most advanced technologies. Our Synapse™ automated gate system, G6 contactless kiosks, and enVision® remote inspection hardware and software systems keep the supply chain in motion while maintaining your facility’s safety and security.


Before vehicles are allowed to enter your facility, they are stopped at our first fully automated security checkpoint. At our G6 Kiosk, they are required to input information that identifies and verifies the legitimacy of the driver, the vehicle, and the cargo. This includes information on containers, shipments, truck license plates with registered TWIC, valid gate transactions, assigned pin numbers, and more.

NASCENT’s fully automated security checkpoints capture truck & container data at speeds of up to 25mph.
NASCENT’s G6 kiosk enables terminal operators to review data in real-time allowing for improved processing & traffic flow.


The check-in process is fully automated, with none of your personnel required to stand in harm’s way at dangerous check-in lines. Instead, the information ingested into the system is relayed instantly to the Terminal Operations Center at your facility. An integrated software system, overseen by a terminal operator, receives this information in real time, automatically processes it and, upon verification, the operator directs the vehicle to the next security point.


After being accepted at the first Security Checkpoint, the vehicle must then pass through an open-air, free-standing structure outfitted with an array of specialized detection cameras and imaging technologies. NASCENT’s enVision® Portal automatically captures and processes container, chassis, and trailer data in real time and reports it instantly to terminal operations. The enVision® Portal delivers clean, well-illuminated images of the top, sides, front, and back of each passing conveyance. enVision®’s powerful industry-optimized OCR engine automatically reads and records container numbers, trailer numbers, chassis numbers, ISO codes, license plate numbers, and IMO label marking information. If everything matches your records, you can now direct the driver to the assigned container port.

NASCENT’s enVision portal is a one-of-a-kind open-air, free-standing structure that can autonomously capture truck & container data in real-time to help improve security protocols & procedures.
NASCENT’s enVision portal utilizes open communications protocol coupled with the latest technologies to deliver flexibility & endless integration possibilities.


Utilizing a modern technology stack and open communication protocols, enVision® offers a high level of flexibility and endless integration possibilities. Captured data can be seamlessly exchanged with virtually any gate operating system or other third-party system in real time.

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