SYNAPSE™ AGS processes over 100,000 gate transactions every day using a variety of commercially available as well as proprietary TOS systems.

In a perfect world, everyone moves quickly, and cargo easily goes from original destination to final delivery. On time. On budget.

A dependable and reliable gate system is an integral part of this equation. From the moment a truck or container enters a NASCENT SYNAPSE™ Gate system, the information needed by the driver and the facility quickly moves the container through and gets the next truck in place. The driver is happy…the facility is happy and the remaining trucks in the queue are happy.

NASCENT’s trucker-friendly gate system not only increases efficiency, but also offers safety and security to drivers and staff. SYNAPSE™ AGS was engineered and built to do exactly that. And it is constantly examined and improved through input from clients and customers.

SYNAPSE offers an Intuitive User Interface that is easy to master for the first-time user and the experienced client.

  • Engaging user experience
  • An easy-to-learn interface based on quickness and tried-and-true customer experiences
  • On-the-spot information is immediately available for employees to stay ahead of the drivers and to keep the system moving along
  • Information is recorded and reviewed and doesn’t overload the people involved
  • There is a very small learning curve that is designed to train both drivers and employees that is intuitive, easy to utilize and won’t overpower the collection of vital information

Hardware and software that were born to work together from design to installation to functional usage.

SYNAPSE™ AGS utilizes a variety of user-tested hardware, designed to give performance results that offers constant and consistent feed-back to both customers and clients alike. That control of solutions from end-to-end allows NASCENT to ensure the most accurate level of quality and durability. Downtime is lowered and trucker queue lines move more accurately and efficiently than ever before.

See the wide variety of kiosks, callboxes and pedestals that are available to work seamlessly with SYNAPSE™ AGS.

For over two decades NASCENT has successfully integrated SYNAPSE AGS with ALL the commercially available Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) as well as with several proprietary systems.

This vital connection between user and end-user must be compatible for the systems to mesh together to deliver an efficient and effective flow of pertinent information. SYNAPSE AGS is designed to work flawlessly with a wide variety of commonly-used in-lane devices and peripherals.

Custom integration requirements are simplified with the use of SYNAPSE AGS and NASCENT’s comprehensive and full-featured API (Application Programming Interface).

Discover how SYNAPSE™ AGS can work with your company, your information and your employees to offer solutions designed to work to your benefit. Contact NASCENT for more information.