The NASCENT Kiosk Is Used Every Day by More Truckers in North America Than Any Other Kiosk. Period.

The NASCENT Kiosk has become the standard among outdoor kiosks in marine terminals, container yards, and rail terminals.

The foremost component of the SYNAPSE™ AGS System, the G6 Kiosk is used and trusted by more truckers in North America. They know the NASCENT Kiosk to be fast and easy to use, accurate and consistent in gathering the information while quickly getting their haul out of the gate.

  • Modular front surface to accommodate a variety of devices
  • Side-located access doors for servicing and maintenance
  • Separate door for changing printer paper
  • Accommodates a 12-inch LCD panel
  • Optional ergonomically positioned stainless steel keyboard

When it comes to constructing outdoor kiosks and callboxes, NASCENT has a configuration for every application.

The common denominator is that each kiosk and callbox is constructed to the highest of standards to thrive in all environments.

  • VoIP with Exclusive Active Noise Cancellation Technology
  • Call button
  • Self-contained, proprietary processing unit
  • Microphone (and optional Noise Cancellation Microphone)
  • Comprehensive API (Application Programming Interface) to enable seamless integration into virtually any system
  • Built-in web-based administration application for easy access to administrative and configuration functions
  • Simplicity-enabled
  • Ruggedized, stainless steel construction
NASCENT kiosks & callboxes are constructed to the highest of standards to thrive in the harshest port & terminal environments.
Nascent’s LiveCOM Touch smart VoIP callboxes come with a built-in, wide-angle pinhole camera & 7-inch touchscreen display for an additional level of security at entrance/exit doors & gates.

The Kiosk with a Configuration for Every Need

The NASCENT G6 Kiosk is unique because it’s designed especially for your company’s specific needs. It offers a wide range of mix and match functions that provide you with the solutions you require for a safer, more secure, and more efficient terminal or port.

  • Higher Security – Checks and relays suspicious container contents and bad driver behavior instantly to the terminal and automatically blocks the container from entering the facility.
  • Greater Safety – Software and hardware packages that reinforces safety management at the gates.
  • Improved Speed – Keeps traffic moving forward through quick and easy access functions and transferring all paperwork to digital files.
  • Better Communication – Real time driver-to-terminal interaction and return communication with NASCENT Active Noise Cancelling proprietary technology.
  • Fully Integrated – Works seamlessly with most major software systems.
  • Flexibility – We’ll customize a solution specifically for your business. Don’t pay more than you need, knowing the NASCENT Kiosk can easily grow when you are ready.
  • Reduced Risk – Collects information prior to entry that recognizes any existing defects in the load.
  • Cost Savings – Drastically reduces personnel required to run the system.

Designed from the Ground Up for Quality and Durability

NASCENT’s lineup of kiosks, callboxes, pedestals, and equipment support structures, originates from a long-standing tradition of meticulously designing and building durable, task-specific equipment for use under rough conditions and in a variety of harsh environments.

  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel handles, hinges, locks, and locking arms
  • Electrically bonded, heat cured Powder Coat finish with UV Protection
  • Concealed fasteners (No exposed screw heads, snaps, or rivets)
  • Custom-formed gaskets made of high-grade, microcellular urethane
NASCENT’s LivePoint kiosks & callboxes can be configured to meet the specific needs of your port or terminal.
NASCENT’s LivePoint kiosks & callboxes are designed from the ground-up to ensure quality, dependability & durability to withstand even the harshest maritime conditions.

NASCENT Kiosks Are Constructed to Perform Reliable Operations in Extreme Conditions

NASCENT’s form-fitted panels are designed into our larger kiosks to accommodate a wide variety of surface-mount or recessed devices and peripherals. In addition, equipment expansion boxes are available for the call boxes at the smaller end of the spectrum.

  • Barcode Readers
  • Proximity Card Readers
  • Mag-stripe Readers
  • TWIC Cards
  • Printers
  • Ask About Customization

Our LivePoint Solution Could Be What You Need

LivePoint is NASCENT’s revolutionary answer to the need for a rugged and durable kiosk featuring flexible configuration options while maintaining a smaller footprint.

LivePoint is available with AC/DC with battery backup. In addition, LivePoint can be outfitted with a 12-inch or 15-inch touchscreen.

  • Large front surface area to accommodate a variety of devices
  • Accommodates a 12-inch or 15-inch LCD panel
  • Available as AC/DC with battery backup
Nascent’s LiveCom Lite smart VoIP callbox ensures quick connectivity between driver & terminal.

LiveCOM Lite

The “smart” VoIP callbox

NASCENT’s LiveCOM smart VoIP callboxes come with a built-in, wide-angle pinhole camera for added security.

LiveCOM Standard

The “smart” VOIP call box with wide-angle pinhole camera

NASCENT’s LiveCOM Plus smart VoIP callboxes come with a built-in, wide-angle pinhole camera, stainless steel numeric keypad & 2-line LCD display for increased entry/exit safety.

LiveCOM Plus

The “smart” VoIP callbox with wide-angle pinhole camera, stainless steel numeric keypad, and a 2-line LCD display

NASCENT’s LiveCOM Touch smart VoIP callboxes come with a built-in, wide-angle pinhole camera & 7-inch touchscreen display for an additional level of security at entrance/exit doors & gates.

LiveCOM Touch

The “smart” VoIP callbox with wide-angle pinhole camera and a 7-inch touchscreen display

NASCENT’s LivePoint kiosks & callboxes include Noise Cancellation technology that reduces unwanted background noise to deliver crisp audio, free from distraction.

But…Not Just Any VoIP

Although NASCENT’s kiosks and callboxes have VoIP (voice-over-IP) capability, you’ve never heard VoIP so clear and outstanding. NASCENT’s exclusive Active Noise Cancellation technology lays waste to unwanted background noise and delivers crisp audio, free from distraction.

  • Innovative and proprietary audio CODECs
  • Exclusive Active Noise Cancellation Technology
  • Utilizes a second, separate noise cancellation microphone for background sampling and elimination
  • High-quality, weatherproof speakers and microphones

Looking for versatile kiosks, callboxes, and pedestals? Contact NASCENT for more information.