Ground control to Major Tom! We have made contact with an advanced species of printer…one designed and built exclusively for terminal operators: NASCENT’S RoKeT Z.

The RoKeT Z was designed and purpose-built by NASCENT engineers, just like all components of  AGS are. This custom-built millennial printer helps ensure optimal transition times: no backup at your gate while a trucker pounds the top of your kiosk.

The RoKeT Z has been designed and tested for:

  • Continuous use in weather extremes from tropical storms to Alaskan winters
  • Printing up to 3x faster than its predecessor due to 30+ resident barcode formats
  • Print head that lasts up to 2x longer due to compact enclosed design
  • Minimizing paper jams due to the all-weather design.

Save Money While Saving the Trees

Compatible with NASCENT’s exclusive Ticket Designer software that enables you to customize printing, the RoKeT Z can also help you save money on paper purchases while saving the trees. Not only can you achieve variable ticket length and thereby save paper, but the RoKeT Z uses budget friendly thermal paper. You’re welcome.

Environmentally conscious? The RoKeT Z is also Energy Star Qualified.

The RoKeT Z fits seamlessly with SYNAPSE™ AGS and comes with installation instructions, or NASCENT partners can call on us for easy installation.

Ready to stop buying paper altogether? Learn more about our Paperless Gate option.

Not NASA, but Definitely NASCENT

Not yet a SYNAPSE™ AGS partner? Well, why not? NASCENT’s SYNAPSE™ AGS features faster terminal transitions than any other brand on the market, custom engineered hardware like the RoKeT Z, not to mention the enVision Portal which possesses the ONLY patented image analytics modules on the market.

You might say the RoKeT Z is one small step for printers, but NASCENT’s SYNAPSE™ AGS is one giant leap for gate automation.

CONTACT US TODAY to get an upgrade on your RoKeT, or if you’re just curious to hear more about SYNAPSE™ AGS.