So how do we develop great software and continue to make it even better? What is our methodology? We stay Agile.

What is Agile?

It’s a software development methodology. One that enables you, our customers, to be a collaborative member the team. Here’s how it works.

Say you have a wish list of things you’d like our software to do that would make your life a lot easier. You can call and convey that information to us. We assign that project to an Agile “Scrum”. A scrum is a small, well-structured team whose ranks include not only software developers, but a product owner, a QA associate, a business analyst, and a Scrum Master. You have a comprehensive team working on your project, responsible for planning, design, development, testing, and delivery. Each scrum actually has several projects: some have been identified by us as potential improvements, but many more have been requested by you, and customers like you, because no one is more capable of identifying what you need the most.

Your project is then divided into a series of carefully pre-planned “sprints”, single iterations of a development cycle. During a sprint, we work night and day to deliver a pre-defined portion of the software update you need. Each sprint is restricted to a specific duration of time: you have a date by which you know certain features will be developed and available to you, so you can get your work done more efficiently immediately, no waiting months and months on a big new annual release that may or may not include what you need.

You know it’s there and you know it works, because you were part of the process.

How Agile Helps You

To say the move to Agile was transformative is an understatement. For NASCENT, it represented a fundamental shift in the way our software is designed, developed, tested, and deployed. Our code is cleaner and makes fewer round trips between developers and QA. Software defects — those “bugs” that make it to the outside world — have all but disappeared. Finally, the work is thoughtfully organized, scheduled, and prioritized to a greater degree than ever before. In addition, the pre-planned nature of the sprint allows the developers to be laser-focused on completing the work.

But let’s talk about you. What does NASCENT’S adoption of Agile Methodology mean for you, our customer?

  • That we are committed to collaborating with you as a customer. It is our methodology to be flexible and adaptive to your needs.
  • We are intent on building a robust relationship with you, which means we don’t just “hope” for frequent feedback on each initiative, we actively seek your input.
  • We set high expectations on analyzing and minimizing risk by helping you collaborate with our internal teams, so you can experience better quality and faster delivery.
  • Implementing such processes as two-week interactions, demos, and quality assurance automation; we are more efficient in producing better quality products for you.

Agile means that, at NASCENT, you always are our first concern, and we are dedicated to providing you with input, efficiency, better Quality Assurance, faster delivery, flexibility, and risk analysis on an ongoing basis.