Taking possession of thousands of chassis at a terminal comes with a hidden cost: replacing tires that truckers claim were damaged at your terminal. Attempting to mitigate this cost has required in-lane inspectors, which diminishes safety for your staff and escalates labor costs. However, ignoring this problem and paying unsubstantiated claims is not an option.

Here’s a “TIP” on how you can save money on this issue today…NASCENT’s Tire Inspection Portal (TIP) which allows YOU to prove your case when faced with a tire claim.

Mitigate Tire Damage Liability with TIP

A module available within NASCENT’s enVision® portal, TIP enables terminals to automatically obtain 24 high resolution images — representing a full rotation of every tire — on every truck and chassis that enters and leaves your facility. These images have their own light source, so you obtain the same tack-sharp, definable images regardless of whether the truck arrives during daylight or the wee hours. And these images are stored automatically within your enVision portal — no need for anyone to file or categorize. You simply “set it and forget it.”

And if a claim surfaces? Simply type in the chassis number and up come the images, ready for analysis, so you can determine the validity of the claim. According to our clients, it’s a system that “pays for itself.”

Sign Me Up!

So how do you obtain TIP? If you’re already an enVision portal customer, it’s as easy as contacting us for a swift installation.

Not currently an enVision customer? Consider examining what you spend on tires each year alone versus having TIP. Then add in the many innovative, patented image analytics features that are exclusive to the enVision portal: Carrier Identification, Hazard Placard Identification, and much more.

You might say it’s just the “TIP” of the iceberg.