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The core of NASCENT's AGS solution is our award winning software platform that establishes a new standard for:


We provide the industry's broadest experience and the capability to integrate with an existing or planned TOS, appointment system, billing system, or security application. Over the years SYNAPSE™ AGS has exchanged with over 15 different TOS systems or versions. Our AGS solution accommodates a variety of technologies for exchanging data including XML web services. This allows our customers to customize their deployment to meet their specific requirements, exchange information with virtually any TOS, appointment system, billing system, or security application, and easily migrate to next generation applications.


As you grow, the system grows. You may start with a simple handheld application and over time expand into a fully automated remote gate experience. SYNAPSE™ AGS for Rail provides you a backbone on which to migrate and expand. Whether you have one lane or a hundred, the system will meet you're demanding requirements. Our customers can expand to additional sites, utilizing the same functionality and operate multiple gates or multiple sites from a single location.