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Product Description

NASCENT's Tire Inspection Portal (TIP™ Pat. No. 8,542,881) captures images of chassis tires on a moving vehicle as it passes. Multiple images are captured over 14 feet of travel (one tire revolution) and presented to users to inspect tire condition.

User Integration

Images captured by the TIP™ are packaged together and can be viewed using NASCENT's ImageView™ software with simple search options. For Customers who already have SYNAPSE™ AGS, the TIP™ package is automatically associated to the portal passage, and thus to the AGS Transactions, for ease of reference. For sites that do not have AGS, the TIP™ package can be searched by the Equipment Number read from the side of the Chassis. After identifying the desired TIP™ package, users can easily scan through the images and review the tires for visual signs of unacceptable wear or damage.