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AGS Hardware Overview

In the Transportation Industry every component is subjected to rigorous environmental and operational constraints. NASCENT's focus is to deliver products that are technologically advanced and capable of delivering the highest levels of performance for years to come.

Before we certify hardware it is run through a series of tests including time in our environmental test chamber. Many of the components are custom designed by our top quality engineering team in order to assure they meet our customers demanding criteria.

When you select our hardware you can be sure IT WORKS and WILL KEEP ON WORKING

A Kiosk Pedestal lineup that just "fits!"

New NASCENT line up:

Pedestals of all sizes to meet your facilities' unique needs. NASCENT realizes that not all facilities are the same and ROI justifications vary by a location's size and capabilities. For this reason, we've introduced a varied kiosk pedestal lineup that accommodates small, medium, and large facilities alike. As with all our products, these pedestals are scalable and take advantage of our leading edge SYNAPSE™ AGS software.

G6 Kiosk

With the introduction of the "G6" Kiosk, NASCENT maintains its dominance in Intermodal Gate Automation technology!

What's new for the G6 Kiosk:

  • 40% Smaller footprint
  • Up to 54% more energy efficient
  • >1 hr of battery backup
  • SNMP enabled devices
  • 2x as many IP based devices
  • New software tools
  • Built on RemKon, industrial strength components

The G6 Kiosks are made of stainless steel and are powder coated for a more professional look. Each pedestal is configured to meet the needs of the clients and the site. There are a number of optional devices that can be added.

Automated Gate Systems

NASCENT continues to lead the way in Intermodal Gate/Checkpoint automation technology. From coining the term "Automated Gate System" (AGS) to providing the first remotely operated Intermodal gate facility, NASCENT has continuously maintained a leadership role in Intermodal Gate Automation technology.

Major components of SYNAPSE™ AGS include:

  • Gate Kiosks
  • Gate Lane Equipment
  • Portal Technology

Lane Equipment

Gate lane equipment varies by deployment. NASCENT provides support for various types of implementations.

Examples of gate lane supported hardware are:

  • Traffic Lights
  • Speaker
  • PTZ Cameras
  • Gate Arms
  • Ground Loops
  • Digital Signage
  • LPR support
  • RFID support
  • Etc.

Portal Technology

NASCENT recommends that its clients employ a portal design for their gate complexes. Portal designs reduce cost and provide consistency to operations. NASCENT deploys portal technology in various configurations and feature sets, such as OCR, Damage Inspection Photos, RFID, LPR, etc.