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Since we pioneered the first remotely operated gate in 1999 we have recognized the value a world class gate operation brings to an intermodal operation. Building on our core design goals SYNAPSE™ AGS leads the industry in defining what a gate solution should be.


SYNAPSE™ AGS provides the industry's broadest experience and capability to integrate with an existing, or planned, TOS, appointment system, billing system, or security application. Over the years, SYNAPSE™ AGS has exchanged information with over fifteen (15) different TOS systems or versions. Our AGS solution accommodates a variety of technologies for exchanging data including XML web services.

Customer Value

A wide range of Software and device support allows Synapse™ AGS sites to:

  • Customize deployment to meet specific requirements
  • Exchange information with virtually any TOS, appointment system, billing system, or security application
  • Migrate easily from existing to next generation applications


Each customer has specific requirements for their AGS. With SYNAPSE™ AGS, we provide a foundation that allows you to easily modify process flows and work queues or expand your functionality by adding additional work flows. Our goal is to embrace change and to accept technology as a conduit for progress.

We give you the ability to select from a host of 3rd party hardware providers for the specific capabilities you are looking for at the best value. Additionally, we allow you to select the particular accessory equipment to fit your needs, such as Pan -Tilt- Zoom Cameras , Damage Inspection cameras, Tire Inspection Portals, Ticket Printing , Biometrics, ID Card Readers, RFID Readers, Lane Lights, Gate Arms and loops, Message/Display boards and much more...

Customer Value

NASCENT AGS can be tailored to fit your needs.

  • Deployment is customized to meet specific site requirements
  • Wide range of compatible devices and accessories to meet specific business requirements


As you grow, the system grows. You may start with a simple hand held application and expand into a fully automated remote gate experience. SYNAPSE™ AGS provides you a backbone on which to migrate and expand. Whether you have one lane or a hundred, the system will meet your demanding requirements.

Customer Value

Once you have deployed a SYNAPSE™ AGS solution you have:

  • The ability to expand from a simple hand held application to a full AGS deployment
  • The ability to add to your current site or to expand to additional sites utilizing the same functionality
  • The ability to operate multiple gates or multiple sites from a single location


We have over 17 years of experience and over 500 kiosks in over 50 sites . We know what it takes to design an end-to-end AGS solution and have engineered kiosks that will stand up to demanding and evolving processes and harsh intermodal environments while offering ease of use and maintenance. The modular design allows technology to be added as your needs change.

NASCENT customers don't have to worry about software obsolescence. They continue to utilize their original functionality and count on continuity for years to come.

We make sure that your investment is protected and will be upward compatible to our latest solutions.

Customer Value

Once you have deployed SYNAPSE™ AGS it will be your gate solution for years to come.

  • NASCENT Kiosks withstand the toughest environments and boastslowest cost of ownership
  • NASCENT Kiosks are easy to use and easy to maintain