Technology for Tomorrow | NASCENT Technology, LLC.

Not to brag but...


Unparalleled 17 years of providing leading-edge technology solutions to the Intermodal Industry.

Proven Ability to Deliver

Over 50 AGS successful installations ranging from small to very large facilities.


Currently providing solutions to most of the Class 1 railroads.

Customer Driven

NASCENT strives to provide its clients with the best-fitting, latest technology solution for each of their operational concerns.


Respect for ourself and others is a fundamental cornerstone of the NASCENT Brand. Whether dealing with clients or "consumers of our solutions", NASCENT team members are reminded to always be professional.

Flexible Solutions

With a proven track record of implementing changes and modifications to suit particular needs as they arise, NASCENT solutions lead the way in flexibility and scalability.


With unmatched Engineering and Software resources, NASCENT is able to provide unusually difficult solutions in a reasonable amount of time.


Unlike other companies in the industry, NASCENT has remained independent of other providers, terminal operators, shipping lines, railroads, etc.


Throughout its years, NASCENT has continued to focus on providing leading edge, commercially rugged, technologies to the Intermodal market. As we look to the future, NASCENT will undoubtedly bring many more innovations to the industry.


Unlike other technology providers, NASCENT annually funds research and development projects that have potential to improve various aspects of the Intermodal industry.